Verride Palácio Santa CatarinaVerride Palácio Santa Catarina

Senses all around you.


Delicious food is like heaven in your mouth. And to reach it you just have to come to our top floor where you’ll find Suba, our Gastro Bar.

Feel very welcomed here, our table is always ready to surprise your senses with some exquisite recipes, new creations or the best of these two worlds. Also at lunchtime, our Chef prepares tasty Portuguese Cuisine with a contemporary twist made from fresh and local ingredients. Because we like to please more than just your palate, all is served with a wonderful view over the Tagus River. As you can see, heaven is really all around you.

SUBA Gastro Bar is open everyday from 12:30-15:00 and from 19:30-22:30. 

Feel free to contact us for a reservation.

Creative Food? Yes, please.

Suba is the kind of place that everybody loves. Imaginative food, sophisticated flavors, good service and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Here the main pleasures come in small dishes so you can try one and another and repeat. Have a seat, order the food and get what you deserve: the best.

The best things in life come in pairs.

It sounds like a promise and it is. Our food is good on its own but goes better with a nice drink. Pair your food choices with a wonderful Portuguese red or white wine or a french Pinot Noir if you like to take it seriously. But if you're feeling bold and want something different try to have your dish with an exclusive home made cocktail.

Table with a view

When you have one of the best views of Lisbon it's a privilege, but a great dilemma will arrive sooner or later: staring at the hills, the river and the city or gazing at the dishes conceived by our Chef? Don't worry, at Suba we advice you not to choose, just let those two pleasures complement each other.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
Leonardo Da Vinci
Cocktails with a view



Don't miss out this breathtaking 360º view overlooking the river and the city!

Our rooftop bar is open everyday from 12:00 until 00:00.


Oysters & Champagne Happy Hour every Wednesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00

Price per person 14,00€ including 01 champagne flute and 02 oysters


Breakfast with a view



Feel at home with our tailor made breakfast experience! Besides the buffet facilities, the chef is available for a la minute orders with your preferred morning treats! Breakfast is served everyday until noon and may be shared on a community table, or by the pool. 

Besides breakfast, our Winter Garden offers light snacks and beverages throughout the day.

Feel free to contact us for more details.