Verride Palácio Santa CatarinaVerride Palácio Santa Catarina

Splendid XVIII century ceilings
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We’re fortunate. We’re a renovated historic townhouse in the heart of Lisbon, one of the most exciting cities in Europe. And we’re generous. That’s why we want to share with you our comfortable and elegant 18 rooms. The stylish and sophisticated common areas. The top floor terrace where you’ll feel immersed in a breathtaking 360º view of the old town, the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean. After all, Verride is all around you.

Splendid views
Splendid views
Like Royalty
Like Royalty
We care for you
Classic touches


We are inspired by the best that Portugal offers: the ingredients and recipes, the wood materials and porcelains and the friendliness of the people. All of this and much more you’ll find in our service. Classic Portuguese dishes are served in our two restaurants. And our staff is always attentive and professional. For us, it's all around you.

Unique interiors, luxurious amenities

The night is your kingdom and your room's your castle. That’s why we designed all rooms as comfortable as chic, as modern as royal. In each one you’ll find rich atmospheres, lovely colors, exquisite details but the same comfort, good vibes and, most of all, the quietness you deserve to begin a new day or to perfectly end another. And as you contemplate the city from your window, you'll feel the warm light that fills the space to bring you energy, or you will count the numerous stars that embrace you in your sleep. All set to bring sweet dreams and welcoming mornings all around you.

Lisbon all around you.


Lisbon is a year-round destination. Not just because of the weather: rarely too hot or cold. But also for all it has to offer you. The traditional and experimental cuisine, where seafood shines. The beaches, castles, palaces and other historic monuments. The contemporary design that you’ll find in graffiti street walls, to modern buildings and interiors combining vintage with the latest designer pieces. The nightlife full of vibrant bars and clubs. The art exhibitions and ambitious cultural agenda. This is Lisbon, all around you.


Lovely and historic, Lisbon embraces the new trends but takes good care of centuries of History on its buildings, streets and walls. So you won’t have to walk long distances to be amazed by opulent monuments, magnificent churches, beautiful tiles or just a simple historic tale written on a facade.


If you are eager to know a little bit more of our past, live the present or learn thoughts for the future, you may visit some nice museums, art galleries or discover good street art everywhere. But if you want to try the real thing, just go a typical Lisbon neighborhood and listen to fado, Portuguese folk music. It will melt your heart and warm your soul.


From Michelin-starred restaurants to the typical “tascas” Lisbon's gastronomy has lot of flavours you will try for the first time or some you'll want to delightfully repeat. Make sure you don't miss our typical “petiscos” (portuguese tapas) and custard tarts, the famous "natas".

Night Life

Everyone loves a little bit of nightlife. Lights, music and romance are easy to find on every dancefloor. Choose the rhythm you would love to follow and head out into the night. In the present, as it was in the past, Lisbon is a melting pot, so prepare your body for all kinds of rhythms. Let's dance the night away.